For A to Z of Sugarcane Lifecycle

Sugar Agriculture Management System

With an increase in the number of businesses dealing in sugarcane, the competing edges rely on suppliers, traceability, and quality of the sugarcane. To manage all this effectively, we have a single solution that monitors and keeps a check on the relationship with the farmers which leads to profit, improves the traceability of the system and ensures high-quality crop to the customers.

Our Sugar AMS is skilfully designed to manage the lifecycle of the sugarcane so that you always have a good quality, consistent, adequate and on-time supply of the cane. The tool monitors and manages all the aspects of the cultivation of sugarcane including farmer registration, procurement of land, cane growth monitoring, agronomy of the crop, agriculture engineering, harvesting of the crop, accurate weight measurement, and transporting the cane to the factory. Additionally, the system also keeps a track of the payments being made to the farmers and contractors.

Key Challenges of Sugarcane Farming Resolved By Our AMS

  • Less cut to crush time
  • Quick harvesting and logistics monitoring
  • Crop growth monitoring
  • Accurate yield per acre
  • Information of burnt cane
  • Cutter Management
  • Recovery analysis and feedback
  • Availability of plant performance data
  • Transparency in financial reports, plant maintenance schedules & expenses
  • Inventory turnover and planning
  • Seed/Fertiliser issues
  • Cash flow management
  • Agronomy data availability
  • Maturity date monitoring and recording for each crop
  • Historical records of all crops grown on the land
  • Budget, Plan and Record all your activities for sugarcane establishment and monitoring
  • Keep a track of all your costs and income
  • Gross margin reports to understand which production areas are giving you problems
  • Analyse your water use efficiency
  • Rainfall and weather graphs
  • Import data from your soil and tissue testing laboratories - graph the results or visualise them
  • Use the nutrient components of your fertilisers to produce nutrient audit reports and nutrient reports

An Agriculture Management System allows you to manage your sugarcane business and reduce the queries of information technology and reporting. Our system uses integrated enterprise applications that are aligned with the business rules and environmental conditions so that you do not face any obstacle in crop growing.