The Attention Your Seed Business Deserves

Seed Management Software

Be it any part of the globe, a seed is the most important input component for efficient and productive agriculture. The world has witnessed significant modernisation of agriculture in the past 5 decades and one cannot deny the substantial role that the seed sector has played in that.

Our Seed Management Software is designed by seed specialists and researchers for the seed industry which has expanded parallel to the growth in agricultural productivity. The growth trends show that the coming years will see an increased dependence on the pace of development and adoption of innovative technologies for the growth of agriculture to meet the demand. However, at the same time, we cannot deny that the seed will become a vital component for the growth of agriculture.

To allow the seed businesses to keep up with the demand, AMITY has prepared this software which keeps in mind the phenomenal growth of organised seed industry in India and East Africa.

Key Challenges That Our Seed Management Software Takes Over

  • Keeps a check on the quality of the seed that is being supplied
  • The inventory management ensures the availability of the seeds for supply
  • Monitor the availability of high production seeds
  • Tracking farm earnings to reduce demand for inputs
  • Information for the restoration and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Notification for obsolete operating equipment
  • The advice of financial resources and credit facilities
  • Record and monitor the genetic potential of the seed for a variety
  • Updates of food security scheme and seed requisites
  • Updates of national regulatory legislation for seed control
  • Disaster preparation and inventory management for seeds
  • Integration with population explosion to cope with the rising demand

AMITY has a single software tool that enhances and effectively manages all concerned domains of your seed business process with a Seed Management Software. With its complete traceability compliance, you can drive profits and growth of the organisation.