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We Make Your Business More Efficient In 4 Steps

We value your time as much as we value ours. Making your agriculture business better and faster is not something we want to stretch. Hence, your increased efficiency and productivity is simply 4 steps away.

  • Land Acquisition and Preparation

    Allows plot registration, farming contract registration, management of land purchases, nursery management, farmer registration, etc

    Step 1
  • Crop Management

    Includes machinery management, road maintenance in the field, seed supply monitoring, water supply management, plucking calendar, weighment, etc.

    Step 2
  • Dispatch and Delivery

    Handles vehicle management, driver management, vehicle tracking through GPS, quality inspection of product, gross weighing, etc.

    Step 3
  • Post-delivery Operations

    Monitors withering, rolling, grading, processing, pulping of product along with input billing, farmer payment, contractor payment, etc.

    Step 4
Amity Agriculture Management System

Our Agriculture Management System, or AMS, is designed for the businesses dealing in agricultural practices, factories, agricultural institutes and farms.

For over a decade, we are changing lives and businesses by enabling them to maintain quality, keep a tab on the crop supply, managing and monitoring all parameters of cultivation, and keeping a check on the financial transactions to farmers, contractors, etc.

We are setting new trends and scaling new heights to align the agriculture businesses with the best industry practices. With our system, you are guaranteed smart decisions and accurate results every time.

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