Farm Resource Planning For Multi-users

Horticulture Management System

In today's global market, people's expectations are higher than ever before. The customers of this decade are conscious and aware. We understand that you have done your homework thoroughly before deciding what is best for your business. At such a time, why not take help of a tool like. Horticulture Management System which includes quality management functionality that provides growers and factories with a competitive advantage.

Horticulture Management System, or HMS, is a multi-user & multi-location farm resource planning software system. It is specifically developed for growers, agricultural factories, grower associations, exporters, and government departments.

  • The prime users of HMS include agribusiness factories, contract farming agencies, agriculture produce procurement companies, and exporters.
  • It builds a database with a unique ID for every grower along with the land details and crop monitoring schedules.
  • Furthermore, it consists of a comprehensive set of farm management modules that can be used by the farmers, if required.
  • This tool help minimises data management worries at various levels of business operations with the help of a strong reports module for decision making.
  • Not only this, our HMS is a versatile tool which can be bundled with a smart weighing solution, vehicle tracking solution and even e-loyalty programs.

Best Agriculture Management System for Horticulture

High-quality management policy with seamless integration of quality-related functions and processes on the supply chain were benefits that expensive ERP solutions provided to the elite class of the customers. However, for the present demographic profile of customers, these benefits are a demand which is fulfilled by our HMS. These systems will substantially enhance your software's functioning and your overall production recording experience.