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Cereal and Food Grain Management System

Management of the cereal and food grain industry uses economics along with the traditional agricultural practices that focus on food supply, demand, and sustainability of the industry. These factors are important to study factors for every cereal industry across the globe. India is the largest producer and exporter of cereal in the world.

According to estimates, approximately 314.6 million tonnes of food grains and cereal are produced annually. Out of this, every year, almost 5% of the total produce is lost due to poor storage and improper management. As a result, the businesses involved in the trade suffer a loss of millions of dollars annually.

AMITY AMS takes care of all the management issues that your business is facing. Right from the time when the farmer prepares the land for sowing till the time the crop reaches your factory, all the processes are monitored and managed effectively to allow 0 error. AMITY AMS helps your business keep up with the rising demand for food grain by telling you the processes which can be eliminated, the processes which can be improved and keeping a track of everything in and out with minimum human interaction.

Key Challenges That Our Cereal and Food Grain Management System Tackles

  • Ensure food sufficiency conversion from the raw material
  • Specially designed tool for resource intensive, cereal centric, and regionally biased production
  • Improves the sustainability challenges for the agriculture
  • Manages the use of water resources as per the realignment and rethinking of policies
  • Monitors the land and compares with standard readings to alert of desertification and land degradation
  • With proper management of the agricultural practices, you get improved nutrition
  • Transparent system for increased incomes
  • Management and performance monitoring of diverse crop production
  • Careful price design and subsidy policies
  • Countermeasures for elevated temperate and heat stress
  • Monitoring of cereal yield loss due to heat stress
  • Managing water input for grain development

AMITY AMS is designed as per the geographical location of the farm and factory so that the industry best practices are entered according to the said area and climate. With every industry difference, the needs and purpose of the system changes which is kept in mind by us. Hence, our product is prepared specifically for your industry and business.