An Intelligent System, For Your Agriculture Needs

About Us

Commonly known as AMS, an Agriculture Management System manages the life cycle of the crop for agribusiness companies, factories, agriculture institutes and large scale farms. With the help of AMS prepared by experts at AMITY, you can manage the good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time

supply of the crop. Our wide range of features allows you to manage and monitor all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, harvesting and financial part of the crop. With the help of our AMS, companies and farmers make smart decisions, on time, every time.

Key Highlights

Best Business Practices

AMITY AMS brings in the best practices for agriculture business for managing crop lifecycle which has evolved from our experience of 25+ years in 100+ companies across the globe.

Connect better with your Farmers

AMS lets you have complete control on the crop; keeping track of dates for processes, computing quantities of various inputs like seed, fertilizer & pesticides, scheduling harvesting, planning for labour, and organising transport.

Connect With Farmers

AMITY AMS emphasises on the farmer-factory relationship. It operates to maintain transparency in the system and helps organisations to improve their relationship with growers and contractors.

Complete Costing & Accounting

AMITY AMS tracks all costs in & out of the field so you know exactly what it costs you to get your raw material in the factory. AMS includes growers' complete accounting and accounts for labour, contractors & transporters with the facility of e-payments.

Integration with SAP and Other International ERPs

AMITY AMS interfaces with ERP solutions like SAP as well as other prominent international ERP products to ensure that both the products work together as an integrated system.

Save More

Now spend less and save more. We have developed AMS to optimize all processes to minimise manpower and material inputs.